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South Bend Tribune House Church Article

The South Bend Tribune published an article on a local house church 10/5/06. You can read the article here.
Focus on The Family on House Churches

Family News in Focus, a division of Focus on the Family ran a radio news story on House Churches on 6/24 & 25th. Click Here to Listen
Life Together

Bonhoeffer may best be recognized throughout the world through his classic work, The Cost of Discipleship, but it was in the small volume, Life Together, that he detailed the necessity of the church functioning as a living and vibrant organism, what he called, a 'community of love.'
Time Magazine Article on House Church

Time Magazine published an article on house churches in it's 2/7/06 issue. Read it here.
True Leadership

We can all lead and we can all follow. Of course, we have a Leader, the Great Shepherd of the sheep - Yahshua the Messiah who came as a helpless baby and died as a helpless criminal. And in between he taught as a helpless, unauthorised, untrained non-leader. He wasn't helpless by nature, he chose to be helpless for your sake and for mine.
House Churches Meet the need after Katrina

Court rules home worship OK

Posted: January 24, 2006 1:00 a.m. Eastern, WorldNetDaily.com A federal court ruled a Florida county cannot prohibit a rabbi from holding prayer and worship services in his own home. Rabbi Joseph Konikov of Orlando was faced with two land-use ordinance violations filed by Orange County.
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Barry Steinman's Blog
Barry Steinman's blog
How my life changed at age 19 while at college in Madison WI

1970..... a bit of my history....age 19.. going to College in Madison, WI...

Life seemed very pointless. I looked at my parent’s lives. The were born, went to school, got married, went to work, had kids, so we could grown up, grow to school, get married, have kids and etc. It seemed like an endless cycle. I always said that unless I found out why I would not spend my life on the same cycle.

In high school I was very smart. Math and science came very easy for me. But in college I started searching. Experimenting with Marijuana caused me to start reading poetry and philosophy books. I wanted to know what life was all about. Why was I here? Math and science started to get very boring. 

Within a few months I was using Psychedelic drugs, LSD, Mescaline and etc. I was studying Eastern Regions in great depth. I began to believe that all religions were the same. That they all lead the same place. That Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Mohammed, and Jesus were all the same. They were people that had experienced Enlightenment. That had seen the “Clear Light of the Void” had experienced ultimate truth.

Most of the people around me were just taking drugs to have fun. I was so far into the spiritual dimension of it that I was getting “weird” even for the weirdo’s. I was having a hard time finding anyone who was as deeply into things as I was.

Amazingly, I met a guy who was living across the street from our fraternity house. We started talking and found out he was into all the same weird things I was into - amazing!! 

But the night before I had met him, he told me that he had an incredible experience on an acid trip. He was higher than he had ever been before. He suddenly saw and incredible, bottomless black void in front of him. As he looked at it, an angel suddenly came to him and told him that JESUS CHRIST was the only way across that void. He instantly came down from the acid trip. He asked me what I though and I didn’t know what to tell him.

The next day, his brother came in from California. His brother had been into all the heavy drugs and eastern religions we were into as well. His brother walked in his room, and told him “JESUS CHRIST” is the answer. My friend got saved on the spot. His brother had become a Jesus Freak out in California.

The time here was 1969.

My friend told me about it, I was quite unimpressed. I said the typical answer at that time: “Well whatever turns you on, that’s great.”

My best friend and I were tripping on acid the next week. My friend started Freeking Out, and I couldn't help him. I brought him to my new Christian friends. They talked him down and he became a Christian. 

I was still unimpressed.

They then gave me a copy of the book THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH BY HAL LINDSEY.

I read about how the Anti-Christ was going to come and start a false world religion

I believed that the drug culture was a new religion.

Even Timothy Leary said that

But after reading that I started to wonder if I was a part of the wrong religion.

After that whenever I tripped on drugs - I always had bad experiences and freeked out.

Summer Break came and went, It was time to go back to college - I was attending Madison, Wisconsin.

I still had the problem that I was so into the spiritual, eastern religion side of drugs that I had no people to “fellowship with”

At that time I also used I CHING, it is an ancient Chinese thing that helps you tell the future using coins or sticks.

That morning I used I Ching and got a certain number describing what would happen to me that day. 

After that I went to the WHOLE EARTH CO-OP. That was where us hippies and drug freaks bought organic food. Yes we used to destroy our bodies with drugs - but then eat healthy to keep going.

Well at the WHOLE EARTH CO-OP there were just all sorts of weird things and weird people.

I decided to take a glance at the bulletin board as I needed a new place to live.

To my amazement I FOUND A NOTE ON THE BULLETIN BOARD WITH MY NAME ON IT “BARRY” , it also had the I CHING number I had gotten that morning. And it had a telephone number on it. I was amazed.

I immediately called the number. It turned out to be another guy named Barry. Who was renting a house with 4 other guys. They had an open room and were looking for someone else to rent one of the rooms. AND THEY WERE INTO ALL THE SAME EASTERN RELIGIONS AND DRUGS THAT I WAS INTO. 

I was amazed - how great, things are really starting to work out. I started walking over there to meet them. On the way I started feeling really strange. Why were things working out so easily all of a sudden. Maybe I really was a part of the wrong religion after all. When I got there, I felt even more uneasy. I started asking them what they thought about all this Christian stuff. They strongly told me it was a bunch of junk and don’t listen to Christians. I felt even more uneasy. I told them I would think about renting the room and call them back.

I left and started walking. AS I walked away, I started to have a revelation. I realized that there was evil in the world. I sensed that there was a devil. He had a plan for my life. I realized I was at a cross road. If I moved into that house, The devil would have his way in my life. 

I got back to where I was staying with my Christian Friends. I pulled out a bible. I said God you have to speak to me out of the old testament because I am Jewish. I flipped it open and came to Isaiah 47. It talked about the daughter of Babylon and how God was going to judge her for all her astrologers and sorcerers. I suddenly realized it was talking about all the drugs and spiritual things I was into. I said, God I never knew you felt like that. So I repented for it.

I then said, OK God, you can speak to me out of the new testament. I flipped it open and it opened to John Chapter 10. Jesus said He was the good Sheppard. All that came before him were thieves and robbers. He was the only one that laid down his life for the sheep. I had instant revelation that Jesus was the only true Messiah, and that Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and etc. were all fakes.

I then went out side. Someone had told me, that If I wanted to find out if Jesus was real, just ask him to show. Me. I began to do that, but I never got the words out of my mouth. all my life I had communicated horizontally with the people around me. I never had tried to communicate vertically. When my heart made that turn from horizontal to vertical, I was instantly flooded with a peace I had never known. I knew it was the present of Christ. He made himself real to me that day in 1970, and has been real to me ever since.

When I looked up that night, there was a full moon overhead, and a ring around the moon from moisture in the air, it was a magical evening.

Jim Wehde's Blog
Priesthood - Part 2

The Children of the Father have been given an incredible priviledge: We can do what only the High Priest under the faded covenant had done, and draw near to Father with a clear conscience (Hebrews 10:19). He now calls us friends (John 15:15). Therefore, unlike the Israelites who were afraid to hear the voice of Father directly, we may commune with Him daily without fear, ask what He desires, and sense His heart through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

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