150,000 Dead!

I am hearing news that the death toll from the recent Tsunami will reach over 50,000. My heart is heavy. I feel for all the people who are suffering and have lost loved ones. I can't imagine the pain and suffering that so many are going thru.

But I am also noticing how the sudden loss of large numbers of people becomes a media event. Our culture seems to view death as an unatural freak occurance. 150,000 people die each day thruout the world. Yet that does not make the news. I realise that many of those 150,000 deaths each day are due to natural causes - and the end of a long life. In contrast, certainly the sudden unexpected death of so many from the Tsunami, is a tragic occurance.

God has placed within us the desire to live forever. That is why we view death as an unnatural occurance. However only thru Christ can we overcome death. Since we live in a fallen world, death is a natural part of that world. Hundreds of thousands die every day. We cannot overcome death by hiding from it, or by pretending it is a freak occurance. We can only overcome death by realizing that Jesus died for us, so that we might live forever.

Our prayers are for the multitudes that are still suffering the after effects of the tsunami.
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