Camino de Santiago

Camino  I have discovered my next hike. Or at least one to put on my bucket list. I would only need 6 - 8 weeks time to do it. I discovered the hike by watching the movie the way. The hike is only 800 kilometers. 

The hike is known as the camino de santiago or the way of st. james. It is a spiritual journey in northern Spain that has been walked by pilgrims for over 1000 years. The end of the route is the Cathedral in Santiago where it is believed the remains of the Apostle James reside. I am a Jew who believes in Jesus, so the Catholic flavor of the journey is not what is drawing me to consider it. I got a glimpse in the movie of what it is like to traverse hundreds of miles by foot together with other pilgrims. It seems to me it would be a life changing experience both personally and communaly with those one would be traveling with. 

The route is well established for a thousand years. There seems to always be pilgrims on the road. There are established hostels and places to eat along the way. It just seems to cry out to me as one of those things that it would be worth doing while one is still in their earth suit. There are numerous guidebooks and resources on the web to study how to prepare. 

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