Extreme Makeover, Home Edition

Link: http://abc.go.com/primetime/xtremehome/bios/families/the_wofford_family.html

I don't often recommend TV shows.
But "Extreme Makeover, Home Edtion" has consistently brought the beauty of helping others to the TV screen. With so much worthless stuff on TV, this one really stands out.

A team of designers and contractors totally remodel and upgrade a needy family's home.
This week's show was really close to home. It was in Encinitas, CA - about 10 miles from our home.

A precious Christian family with 8 children, Brian Wofford's wife passed away four years ago. Since then they have done the best they can.

The makeover of their house also involed lots of locals. Their church helped supply some of the contractors and helpers. The whole city came out to cheer them on.
Local contractors volunteered their time.

Matt Evans, a neighbor and a brother from one of the Matthews House Groups, helped with the electrical.

This is my daughters' favorite TV show. Thank God they picked something so good.
My neighbor Al, who represents Hardiframe (metal wall shear panels), worked on an episode in a bad area of LA. Their company also donated the hardiframes for the project.

It is so good to see the power and spirit of reaching out and helping others in need - coming into our living rooms.

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Comment from: Penny [Visitor]

The dad had gastoric(sp) bypass surgery this week. Anyone know how he is doing? My favorite part was when they talked about sharing rooms and not one of them was embarassed or shy, they just loved each other and what they had. What a treasure those parents layed into those kids of sacrific and love.

09/29/04 @ 20:15