Neighborhood Needs


Our Neighborhood homeowners association started out as a action group to stop over development in our area. Recently it has become a network of care and concern for neighbors in need.

We started out fighting a condo development that was going to make a horrible parking situation even worse. We showed up in force at the city planning commission and got the project turned down.

There is an elderly widow in our neighborhood with some mental problems. She often walks the street with a broom. Some of the local high school students have labeled her a witch. On weekend evenings they sometimes drive by and harass her. One night the drove by and threw rocks and broke her windows. We sent out an email to the members of our neighborhood association. In less than 24 hours we had collected more than enough money to repair her windows.

Another elderly woman was walking the other day. She fell and broke her collar bone. People in the neighborhood are signed up to bring her and her husband meals for the next five weeks.

Our neighborhood association is not a Christian organization. There are several believers in the group. I am struck by the fact that carrying for our neighbors is the height of how Jesus said to care for each other. Like the story of the good Samaritan, who was neighbor to the man who was assaulted.

As God continues to lead us to meet informally, face to face in our homes - let us not forget that we are there to be salt and light in our neighborhoods and to reach out and help those who are hurting around us. We don't have to do it with some religious requirement. We only need to love as neighbors.

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