Seeing People How God Sees Them

Spyglass Bird
My normal tendency is to judge most of the people around me. I measure them by how they line up with my views of life. One night when I couldn't sleep, God dropped a vision in my heart for someone we knew. He showed me how he was opening up a great opportunity for them and how He would use them in that new situation.

Apart from the inspiration of God, in the past I have formed judgements about this person. I am amazed that God's view of inidividuals in my life, is so drasticaly different than mine. God sees people for what he has in mind for them. I see people how they are not measuring up to my standards.

God continually has us fellowship with people that are different than we are. One example is homeschooling. We have 2 daughers age 12 and 9. We have homeschooled them from the beginning. At times in our life God has surrounded us by like minded people. Now he has us in a weekly fellowship with young families that do not homeschool.

At times I can sense that we are being judged by them. The usual thoughts: We are too protective of our children. They aren't being socialized enough. They won't know how to live in the real world.

Conversely, I can hear judgements rising up in my heart about them. The normal perspective of homeschool parents: They don't love their kids enough to sacrifice for them. They are selfish parents, wanting to live their own lives. They don't care what their kids are exposed to in public school.

But normally we all fellowship together in nice harmony. These judgemental thoughts do not pervade our time together. Often I think there is contact made between our opposite worlds. Sometimes we all actually understand where the other side is coming from on the homeschool issue. After all we have become spiritual family, brothers and sisters.

But it concerns me, that these mutual judgements of each other, still lie beneath the surface.

The other nite, when God gave me a vision for someone in our group - it shook my thinking. I'm beginning to see that God may have different callings and paths for each one of us. Yes God has called us to homeschool our children. But that does not mean that He has called our friends to do the same. We get into trouble, when we take God's direction for us, and put it on other people as a requirement for them.

I think this is where legalism starts. Taking God's personal direction for our lives - and trying to impose it on other people.

Why did getting a vision for someone else's life turn my perspective around? I was so busy judging others for not measuring up to God's guidance in my life. I totally lost sight of His vision for their lives.

God, please give me your eyes and your heart and let me see people how you see them. Let me see a small portion of the vision you have for their lives. Let me encourage them to embrace what your have for them. I want to stop trying to mold them into my view of how their life should be.

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