Tabernacles Celebration

Tabernacles Decoration 2004
Our fellowship got together last nite on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles. We had a great time decorating the Sukkah (Hebrew for tabernacle). Like most Biblical holidays - we also ate some great food.

Tabernacles Table 1 2004

We got to meet some nice new friends from a bible study that the Powers family has.
One couple has a sister and brother in law that are active planting house churches in India. The brother-in-law was a famous heart surgeon in India.He was so effective planting house churches, that the Government has a spy assigned to watch his house, so the government can stop him if he goes out evangelizing. So mainly they just train house church leaders now. Also in India the culture does not allow for a man to touch a woman. So to overcome this cultural problem, the woman have now become very active in the work. So in these house churches, the women do the baptizing of women and lots of the teaching.

We had a great time talking about Tabernacles and worshipping together. There is so much neat stuff to share about Tabernacles - I will share that in future posts. After all, the feast lasts 8 days.

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