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Barry says he never appreciated his Jewish heritage until he came to see Jesus as his Messiah during the Jesus Movement in 1970. He was introduced early on to alternative expressions of church life by spending the next eight years in a Christian Commune. One hundred and twenty people lived as family, sharing expenses on a beautiful eighty acre farm. It was there he learned that Church should be family. The meetings were open. Everyone was free to participate as they shared something God had placed on their hearts. The group also celebrated the Old Testament Festivals such as Passover and Tabernacles.

That introduction to Relational Christianity helped shape his perspective of what Church should look like. Barry has been active in the House Church Movement since 1993. He helped start the first House Church Discussion List on the internet 1995. He was also instrumental in putting together one of the first online directories of House Churches. Barry has helped plan several house church conferences. He has also been interviewed on the topic of House Churches by Focus on the Family?s Family News in Focus. His experience in many different types of House Churches over the years gives him a unique perspective on the variety found within the House Church Movement today.

Barry is comfortable with his Jewish background and his Christian Faith. He celebrated his Russian Jewish heritage by appearing as Tevya along side his wife playing Golda in a community theatre presentation of Fiddler on the Roof in 1997. He also named his two daughters Havilah & Tzytle.

Barry often officiates at Jewish Christian Passover Seders that celebrate the common heritage of Jews and Christians. Like the way he does church, he likes the Seders to be participatory and expects the families that come to help act out the plagues.

Barry was the owner of DiscountChristian.com, one of the main internet sites for Bible Software and Homeschool Curriculum, till he sold it in May 2008. Barry is now an E-Commerce consultant. He has done work for companies such as Outreach.com.

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Comment from: dscolburn [Visitor]  

Hi Barry,
Great to see you and Penny last week. I have missed you both!
We have more in common than you might think, but perhaps you always knew that.
Just surfed in a found your site now, looking for an email for you.

Deirdre Colburn

12/20/11 @ 12:12