Congress Should take over the Federal Reserve

Monetary Reform
Monetary Reform

I am reading a very interesting website. Monetary.Org
It advocates reforming our monetary system.
The reasons being the high unemployment and the squeeze of the middle class.
They are proposing having congress take back from the Federal Reserve the power to control the monetary system.They also propose to change the monetary system so it is not based on debt.

I'd really be interested in hearing other's perspectives on these proposals.

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Prohibition, failed attempt to legislate righteousness


PBS has been showing the Ken Burns documentary on prohibition.

The evangelist Billy Sunday envisioned the following as the results
of prohibition:

"No one marked the day (start of Prohibition) as fervently as evangelist Billy Sunday, who conducted a revival meeting in Norfolk, Virginia. Ten thousand grateful people jammed Sunday?s enormous tabernacle to hear him announce the death of liquor and reveal the advent of an earthly paradise. ?The reign of tears is over,? Sunday proclaimed. ?The slums will soon be only a memory. We will turn our prisons into factories and our jails into storehouses and corncribs. Men will walk upright now, women will smile, and children will laugh. Hell will be forever for rent.?

He was so... wrong.

Righteousness cannot be legislated.
Instead of righteousness,
outlawing liquor dramatically increased lawlessness and murder.

It makes one wonder if we are following the same failed approach
in the war on drugs.


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911 and Love Your Enemies

The 10 year anniversary of 911 brings back alot of memories and emotions.
Just like the massive power outage in SOCAL yesterday, it brought us out into our front yards to talk to our neighbors.

One question that arises is the scriptures that tell us to love our enemies. How does this apply to 911?
Honestly I don't know.
I did not personally lose anyone on 911, so I don't think I am really in a place to comment on this emotionally. Because of that I could easily become philosophical and talk about the necessity to love our enemies. However, if I personally lost someone in 911, I think I would find it a lot more difficult to talk about loving my enemies.

Trying to image bringing this concept to some more reality in my life...
What if someone broke into my house and started to attack my wife and children?
Would I sit idly by an do nothing.
I think I would do everything in my power to stop them.
After such an experience I would also do everything in my power to prevent such an occurrence from happening again. I would hope the police would find the guilty party and put them behind bars where they could not harm anyone else.

I do think I could forgive the person. But I don't think forgiving and loving the guilty party changes the fact that they need to pay for their crime.

I think our war against Al Quaeda is a similar situation. We are trying to prevent future attacks against our country.

So I have no firm answers here...
but only questions.

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Blackout creates community

The massive blackout in Southern California yesterday helped create community.
No one could watch TV. It was the last day of a heat wave. It was too hot to stay inside.
Neighbors talked to each other in their yards and on their front porches.
They sat on lawns. Enjoyed the cool breeze and watched the stars. Without all the light pollution a lot more stars were visible.
Neighbors checked on each other. Neighbors chatted and reconnected.
So does technology increase our sense of community, or lessen it.
Without technology we seem to naturally connect more with our neighbors that are in physical proximity to us. Internet community is nice, but having community with those you actually live next to is nicer.

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House Church Panel at Religion Newswriters Convention

Link: http://www.rna.org/?page=2009_conf_archives

On September 11th I was asked to speak at the Religion News writers
Association annual convention in Minneapolis.

I was part of a panel called:

"House churches and Jew-it-yourself services"

The Moderator was Cathy Grossman, from USA TODAY

Full story »

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