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inhim3 [Member]

Great article. I believe that the body of Christ hears God’s voice but does not always obey it. It would be needful to obey the voice of Christ and say no to wolves who are constantly trying to imitate the voice of the Holy Spirit.

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In response to: Priesthood - Part 2

isabel [Visitor]

I hope that he body of Christ awakes out of sleep and follow the voice of our Belove, the Holy Spirit.

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isabel [Visitor]

That’s right! Better said, than I would had said it. Sometimes we find ourselves going along with something that is against our wills/or beliefs, but get sucked into doing so. I have felt out of control in situations such as these, when someone who is supposed to be a leader attempts to usurp my will and the will fo God, for that matter. I am so glad that I left the traditional church scenes because it really is not the will of God. Once in a while, I may visit a traditional church but it is not my desire or intent to become part of that scheme of thing again.

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Kris [Visitor]

I really like this article Jim. You have touched on something important indeed. I’ve seen Christians try to lead their brothers and sisters into agreement in the manner you describe.

You really put your finger on what is wrong with this approach. That’s a gift Jim. I have merely felt uncomfortable with the requests without quite knowing why.

Thank you also for reminding me of the passage in the Bible that tells us that as Jesus’ sheep, we will know His voice when we hear it. That is very powerful.

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Dena Brehm

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Dena Brehm [Visitor]

Yep - this is right on! We, like sheep, are sppon fed and taught to swallow whole, without question. The unanswered questions aren’t nearly as dangerous as the unquestioned answers.

Yes, may Jesus have His way with His Body!!!

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Dena Brehm

In response to: Priesthood - Part 1

Dena Brehm [Visitor]

Bravo, Jim!

You’ve nailed it (again)..!

Yes, God can use the “big system", just as He used kings in Israel, but neither is His first choice for us, His best for us. His BEST is that He leads us Himself, without the human mediators.

We, like the Israelites, just don’t seem to trust Him, or want to know Him that intimately, and so, we, like the Israelites, clammor for our “kings” to lead us. May He speak to your heart, and lead you as to your affiliation in this particular corner of His Body … I know you hear Him, and I trust that you will follow Him, as you have been doing. Bless your heart, which is full of love and integrity!! I am honored to know you as a brother and a friend!

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Joyce [Visitor]

Heidi … if you were in my area I would certainly be interested!
Home (or Organic) church is a wonderful experience and there can be nothing better than to worship and mature and “be fruitful and multiply” as God planned from the beginning.
But once in awhile it would be nice to sit among 250 like-minded people and listen to the praises of God swell into a mighty song!

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Heidi Clarke

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Heidi Clarke [Visitor]

Hi Jim,
I’m new to this arena, but felt compelled to respond nonetheless. I currently attend a non-denominational mega church, but have never felt “at home” there. No pun intended. While I believe that this particular church is doing a great many things right, I have held back from deep committment for some of the same reasons you identify. My study of the tithes in the old testament conflicts with the way tithes are collected by most churches. While my current church applies no pressure to tithe, they do insist that giving it to the local church is Gods intention. That is not how I read Deuteronomy. Furthermore, the tithing of the old testament is part of the old covenant (under the priesthood), not part of the new covenant with Christ. Perhaps this is not the forum for this discussion, but the area of tithing happens to be one of those areas where I see so many churches and denominations trying to blend the old covenant with the new covenant - as it is so convenient for the institution of giving.

I do have a question for you. Although I have considered leading or attending a home church for some time, my passion and gifts revolve around corporate worship. My husband and I have produced, directed and lead worship using arts, media and music for years. It’s just what we were made to do. Our passion is to create those worship experiences where each person “connects” and allows the Holy Spirit to grow and lead them. We’ve considered creating a “Worship Arts” community into our own “home church” and using our talents to provide worship experiences in our area - but outside an organized church. A pastor friend of ours (who leads and trains home church group leaders in his area) suggested we connect with other home church groups and open up the idea. The question is this: Do you believe that a regular worship experience (perhaps like a camp meeting) is something that home-church groups would appreciate and attend? Are there home churches out there who would appreciate corporate worship venues they could attend without being attached to a church? Just thought I’d ask!
P.S. I also recommend Wolfgang Simson’s book!

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Tressa Martin

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Tressa Martin [Visitor]

Hey Jim,
Nice seeing you here in addition to all the other places. Good words about tithing. I don’t hear about how and were home church folks give their gifts. I have been blessed these past six months of being out of the IC of giving as the Lord leads. Sometimes to organizations and sometime to individuals who have pressing needs. I give as I am lead and experience the blessedness of that. I hope it is a common understanding that if we are going to be like God, we will give. I would like to hear how others have been lead to give. Thanks,

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Kurt in Omaha

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Kurt in Omaha [Visitor]

Whatever character qualities a church demonstrates organizationally its members will adopt and demonstrate individually.
Any church must act out of the character qualities of Christ, that is how it will accomplish anything of meaning for God. Instead the conventional church often acts out of an “ends justify the means” strategy and then wonders why its members are selfish and greedy.

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Evan [Visitor]

Very astute and objective post. The way you describe how a pastor tries (consciencely or unconsciencly) to be the “priest” of their flocks money is spot on; I had never quite thought of it that way, kudos. I have sacrificed mine and my wife and stepkids own spiritual well being by staying out of church, purely because I KNEW that what is going on in the new trendy Christianity today is poisonous and better to be cold than lukewarm. Thanks for the post.


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Sister Elizabeth

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Sister Elizabeth [Visitor]

I am agreeing with your thoughts - I am experiencing the same thing - I am feeling, however, the big change this would make in my life and activities. If I truly believe smaller, more personal groups of service and worship are more scriptural and more effective, I need to make a lifetime commitment to opening my home and my life to the needs of those who come in. This will mean giving up much of my privacy and freedom, now that I am an empty nester, working hard in a family business and having no retirement, just paying the bills. I trust the Lord completely, but is it complete enough? I don’t want to discourage brothers and sisters in my present fellowship of about 300, by leaving the tri-weekly gatherings at a building which even now is being considered for sale in order to build a bigger one. My “tithes” are not meant to go to bricks and asphalt - that is what the spirit thru scripture is telling me. After 47 years in a non-denominational church, it is hard to break away from what I have always thought was “THE truth". It is wonderful to have resources for searching and learning at our fingertips on the net. Thank you for your posting - God help us find a way and build a hedge around all seekers to protect us from wiles of Satan.

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prdr2002 [Member]

Jim: You have written some good observations. I have been doing small groups most of my Christian walk, although much of it was confined within a large, organizational setting. It has been about five years that I finally had the courage to step out of the organization and into organic relationships. One of the seminal books that I read which spoke greatly to my heart and may to yours is a book by Wolfgang Simson, “Houses that Changed the World.” This book, although a couple decades old by now, may help to crystallize the process God is taking you through to bring you to where he wants you to be. By the way, there are currently millions of Christians in America who are going through this process. So, be of good cheer, as Paul would have said, the Lord is in the middle of all this.

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Rick Patton

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Rick Patton [Visitor]

Jim, Given your thoughts on the “organizational machinery” of the megachurch, you might find the article entitled “God’s Ways are Not Our Ways” in the latest edition of the Common Ground Journal ( interesting.

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Phillip [Visitor]

Jim, Thanks for this post. You have spoken how I have felt for years, locked into a megachurch. I never heard it expressed like you did, but it was well said. This is yet another confirmation that the Lord is doing a new thing in this day, and is moving his people to see through the “machinery” for what it is and to take a fresh look at what His Kingdom was meant to be.

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Chris [Member]

Jim, this is a great post. Partly it’s a great post because it is true, but mainly it’s a great post because it is the truth shared in a spirit of love.

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