Worship is a Verb
. . . and much more than a song

We love to sing and praise the Lamb, but worship is so much more than singing, isnít it? Learning to be worshippers has much more to do with surrender than it does a good singing voice or learning the lyrics to songs of praise.

Scripture tells us that the Lord is looking for worshipers... those that will worship Him in spirit and in truth, but how do we learn this? This includes all of us, not just those with the particular gifts of the psalmist, prophecy or terrific vocal chops! So, how does one grow in worship? Where does one go?  Is there a school of the spirit?

My friends, learning to worship does not necessitate a fancy degree. This is not to say that we cannot learn from others.  Of course we can, but it is the simple life in the body of Christ where we discover a perfect opportunity to grow in worship. At every turn there are people with differences of opinion, different practices, comfort zones, and ideas. Even if you are at peace with everyone in the church, there are sure to be people who get under your skin for one reason or another. You may not feel appreciated. You may feel ignored! Some folks may be antagonistic, or simply refuse to get along. After all is said and done, what is our part? As worshippers of the living God, we are called is to surrender our own needs and desires to God, and make sure that no offense exists between our brethren and ourselves. Simply put, we are called to love. Sacrificial love of the brethren is part of our call to worship. In fact, it is a true act of worship. Worship . . . . is a verb.

Letís do it.

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